ARC Academy Classes

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Abundant Rain Collective offers enrichment classes for preschool through highschool aged children.  Our classes meet two Fridays each month (always check event calendar for exact dates) in Bristol, IN.

We are pleased to offer affordable classes taught by either outside professionals or experienced homeschoolers. Unlike traditional co-ops, we do not require parents to take a turn teaching. But we do need your time and talents to make our collective successful. If you enroll a child in classes, you will be expected to assist in six or seven scheduled time slots with either classroom assistance or nursery duty. Our volunteer coordinator will work with you in scheduling your service. No preparation is required, and we will attempt to spread the work across the semester so that you can make the most of available time for fellowship with other parents.  Repeated failure to fulfill your volunteer time will result in being unable to enroll your children in future classes.

For the safety of your children, the security of our facility (which has been graciously donated), and to promote fellowship and a sense of community among the parents, you will need to remain onsite during class sessions. Please enjoy complimentary coffee and tea in our moms’ room and get to know the other families in our group during this time. If exceptional circumstances require you to temporarily leave the facility, you will need to notify the program director (Jenni Hays) in advance.

You can sign your children up for just one hour.  However, we recommend that you do both hours if at all possible.  We have found that families tend to get the most enjoyment out of the experience and feel more connected if they are there for the duration.

If you sign some of your children up for one hour, and some for the other hour, you are expected to bring enough work to keep your children quietly busy during the hour they are not in class.  We will try to provide a quiet space where they can work, but children (other than infants) do not get to hang out in the moms’ room or wander the halls.

Please take this into consideration when planning what classes you want your children to take.

To enroll go to the members only events calendar.  To see a listing of the course offerings and fees for the current semester, please click HERE.